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I live in Gothenburg and work mainly as a freelancing horn player, but I am also a yoga instructor. I combine my two passions, music and yoga - to create yoga workshops and giving personal yoga sessions to make musicians get out their full potential.


I always teach the yoga that I already have tried out as a musician, and I try to give other musicians easy yoga tools that they can use before, during or after playing, to get boosted, calm down, get grounded or whatever they need. 

When it is not pandemic, most of my work is playing horn and I just love how the yoga have made me a better, calmer, taller(!) and happier musician with more air capacity, and this is what I want every other musician to experience, and to be able to just enjoy and BREATHE MUSIC.



I started playing alto horn in a brass band when I was 7 years old, and when I was 13 I told everyone I wanted to be a musician. A music teacher then gave me a french horn instead. (Thank you Laila!:))

I have a master degree in orchestra playing from the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, and have been working as a freelance horn player since 2005. I have had the pleasure of playing with so many different big an smaller orchestras, wind bands and ensembles in Norway and Sweden, and I also had a fixed job for a while as the co-principal horn in Norrlandsoperan. My variation of work also makes it possible for me to adjust my workshops to any kind of ensemble, and I know the differences of in example working in a wind orchestra, or an opera house. 

I play on a wonderful Paxman M20 horn that I am very happy with, and I do also collaborate with Paxman Music Instruments.

PS. The horn in most of the pictures at the website is my old Paxman 23E Gold Brass, it is now owned by a student in Birmingham)


My training background comes from gymnastics and dance and I started practicing yoga 15 years ago. Due to fighting cancer I had three major operations during 2012-2013. Back then, I thought I would never be able to play the horn again. Gradually I managed to restore my body thanks to the yoga and was able to come back as a professional musician. I then became a yoga teacher. Feeling stronger and more capable than ever, this motivated me to help others by sharing my story and knowledge, and out of this process my Yoga for Musicians concept was born. In additions to workshops and private sessions I has also developed a new concept together with the Gothenburg Concert House – Yoga Concert. In these concerts I guides a yoga class, where the audience do yoga. The music is in focus and I connects the yoga movements with the music and stories from the composers lifes, accompanied by live classical music performed by a string quartet from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. 


My yoga teacher traning started with Global Yoga, and I have now have a 200h licence with extra focus on Anatomy, Inversions, PT-yoga, Mental Training and Kids Yoga.

I have also done a Vinyasa TT with Elaine de Souza, and Yin TT with Johanna Alvin and several other shorter immersions.


When I teach yoga, it is mostly yoga for musicians, but I also teach classes for non-musicians at different gyms, companies and events in and around Gothenburg when I have the possibility. 

I go to a lot of workshops, yoga festivals and gatherings, and also more teacher training, to keep me updated, learn more, dig deeper into my yoga and become a better teacher. It has amazed me how well the yoga and music benefits each other, and I want everyone to experience that and to be able to just BREATHE MUSIC.


Lene Skomedal 

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