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Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene


Yoga for musicians


I always customize every workshop I give, and I offer many types of Yoga for Musicians workshops, depending on the group, venue and occation. It can be all from a more lecture style workshop with normal clothes and everyone sitting on chairs or standing, to a real work out session with gym outfit, yoga mats - and everything in between that.

I am trained in both physical yoga, yin yoga, minfulness, meditation, breathing techniques, mental training and coaching and I mix all these techniques in my workshops. Depending on the group and what they want and need. 

My teaching style is relaxed, fun and genuine and I don't make any religious references - only music references!

I adjust and can give several variations of the poses, so all levels from beginner to advanced can be in the same workshop.

Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene
Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene

More details

A workshop can be from 10 minutes up to working over several days. I can give workshops for just a few people or (depending on venue and sound system) up to thousands of people. 

Everything you learn in my workshops I have used and tried out in my daily life as a musician. I can give you all my easy tools that you can use, depending on if you need an energy boost, focus, to calm down, before, during or after a performance. You will also learn how you can put this into your very busy life. All my sequences and excercises is made to be as efficcient as possible, so you get many different effects in each excercise.

I teach in English, Swedish, Norwegian and a little bit Spanish.. 

After the workshop everyone who attended will get access to my video gallery. 

Please contact me if you have questions or want to book a session or workshop for your students, group, ensemble, course or festival. 

Lene gave us two fabulous classes, tailor-made for our needs as singers/conductors. She listened to us, and challenged us in all the right directions, which had both immediate effects as well as providing food for thought in the longer term.

Barbara Hannigan

Soprano, Conductor and Mentor


Yoga teacher

My yoga teacher traning started with Global Yoga, and I have now have a 200h licence with extra focus on Anatomy, Inversions, PT-yoga, Mental Training and Kids Yoga. I have also done a Vinyasa TT with Elaine de Souza, and Yin TT with Johanna Alvin and several other shorter immersions with for example Chad Hamrin, Matt Giordano, Michael Wong, Celeste Pereira and more.

When I teach yoga, it is mostly yoga for musicians, but I also teach classes for non-musicians at different gyms, companies and events in and around Gothenburg when I have the possibility. 

I go to a lot of workshops, yoga festivals and gatherings, and also more teacher trainings, to keep me updated, learn more, dig deeper into my yoga and become a better teacher. It has amazed me how well the yoga and music benefits each other, and I want everyone to experience that and to be able to just BREATHE MUSIC.

Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene
Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene


Custom made themes

All workshops are custom-made for your needs and schedule. 

You choose, or I suggest a theme for the workshop.


Con moto




Con forza















Prices depend on the size of the group, length of the session, location, travel costs and more.

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