Lectures and workshops


I offer many types of workshops for musicians, and I am trained in Global Yoga that is a physical yoga style, mixed with clear intentions, mindfulness, breathing techniques and relaxation.

I adjust and can give several variations of the poses, so all levels from beginner to advanced can be in the same workshop.

I don't make any religious references when I teach yoga for musicians - only music references! My teaching style is relaxed and natural, and we always have some laughs and have fun together. 


In big orchestras or groups we often start with a 45 or 60 minutes lecture. Then we can be in whatever clothes and we all sit mainly on chairs. I talk about YOGA FOR MUSICIANS and how I use it, and in between we do shoulder stretches, breathing exercises and some standing positions. After a break we normally do a longer workshop with yoga mats and an outfit to move and then a nice relaxation.

Due to the space and sound system, I could have all from small groups up to several thousands in the same lecture. If the group is more that 40 people I prefer a head microphone.


So far I have had everything from ten minutes sessions up to a day, it all depends on your wishes. An example of what a workshop contains; a warm up, followed by a physical flow with natural breaks in easier positions in between, sometimes we stop and work more on technique and the my workshops always ends with a relaxation.

In my workshops you will learn breathing techniques and yoga positions that you can use in your daily life as a musician. I connect all techniques in the workshops to your life as a musician, and you get the tools to let the yoga help you during your day, while you practice your instrument, before a concert or audition or after a concert to recover faster or relax.

I teach in Swedish, English or Norwegian. 

A longer workshop gives even more time for breathing exercises and relaxation, or questions. After the workshop everyone who attended will get access to my video gallery. It will also be possible to add personal sessions for a special price if you book or attend in a workshop.


All workshops are custom-made for your needs and schedule.  You choose, or I suggest a theme for the workshop, for example: shoulders, performance, recovery or other and the whole workshop will be built upon the chosen theme. 


SHOULDERS - con moto

FOCUS accuratezza

STRENGTH con forza

CORE fuoco


HIPS - maestoso

CALM - bisbigliando

METAMORPHOSIS - liberamente

BREATHE arioso

BRAIN articulato  



Prices depend on the size of the group, length of the session, location, travel costs and more. Contact me to get a price for your event.


Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London

Royal Swedish Orchestra at the Royal Opera, Stockholm

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

CORNO Brass Music Festival

Royal Danish Navy Band, Copenhagen

Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Örebro

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

International Horn Symposium

Norwegian Academy of Music

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

Norwegian Nathional Youth Orchestra, Norway

El Sistema Festval, Gothenburg

Academy of Music and Business, Vara

Escuela del Musica Pinto, Spain

Hope to see you in a workshop soon!


Yoga Lene