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Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene


Yoga concert


A Yoga Concert with Yoga Lene is not the same as "yoga with live music in the background". In my Yoga Concerts the classical music is in focus, and I also talk about the music, the composers, their life - and connect it all together with the movements and the theme and intention of the yoga. 

Together with the musicians I set the program and build the yoga around the music so you can really listen thru your body and just BREATHE MUSIC.

I have done several types of Yoga Concerts during the last years, and I see no limits when it comes to type of instrument, ensemble, tyoe of music, venue or participants.


Contact me if you want to book a Yoga Concert. I can bring musicians or we can do it with your ensemble.

Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene
Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene


For me, as a musician, to be able to show people some bits of the treasure we have in classical music and to see the audience experience to BREATHE MUSIC is truly amazing. Many of the people that participate in a yoga concert is people that normally don't go to the concert house, but it seems that most of them get closer to, and more interested in classical music after this experience. Many of them ended up buying a subscription to the concert house and have started going to many regular concerts with the symphony orchestra.

For who

A Yoga Concert is for everyone. I always give options for all levels, moods or injuries. In a yoga concert the audience bring a yoga mat or something similar, depending on how physical they want to be. If they want, they are welcome to just lye down, breathe and listen thru the whole concert.

Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene

This was a magic experience!


For the organizers

With a string quartet or approximately same size of the ensemble:



Minimum 80 centimeter high, 5 meter broad and 3 meter deep.



Chairs and stands (+ lights) for the musicians



1 headmic for Lene, PA and a technician

(If outdoor or very big arena - instrument microphones for every instrument)



Lights on stage so Lene can be seen clearly both standing and sitting. 

Namasté Lene

Lene Skomedal | Yoga Lene


FREE online yoga concert

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