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Oppdatert: 30. nov. 2018

Why do I want a blog, and what do you want to read about?

Photo: Anna Rosén

I miss my blog

I used to have a blog some years ago, and I miss to write a bit more and personal, and also I would like to add videos and exercises and write more about what have happened and what will happen and my thoughts. This blog will also be my own documentation of "yoga for musicians".

What do you want to read about?

Please tell me what you would like to read about! Do you want to know more of my way into yoga? Or music? Or you want more videos with sequences? What mouthpiece I use? How I use music in my classes?

I would love to serve you, and I hope to inspire you to breathe deeper, take more pauses, be more you, move more and just BREATHE MUSIC!

Namasté, Yoga Lene

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