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Yoga for music students

On Thuesday I had a workshop for the students at the music academy in Gothenburg.

This picture is from another workshop, at the Gothenburg Concert House, but we did this stretch, that is called "the gas pedal" and is one of my yummy favorites.

We did a very basic workshop on Thuesday. A December version of the "GET FOCUSED fermata" workshop. We moved slowly, had a lot of focus on breathe, and I hope the students liked it. For most people now it might be a very stressful time of year, and th intention of the class was to create space.

I love to meet the students, and get the chance to share and breathe together with them. This week I also play with them! My orchestra has a project together with the academy, and in about two hours we have a concert together, so I should probably eat something and find a concert outfit soon.

Yoga Lene


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