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Yoga Concert in GLOBEN

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

I can't believe that I was guiding approx 1500 people thru a YOGA CONCERT in the most famous and VERY big arenas in Sweden.

In the picture you can see my ride from Gothenburg to Stockholm.

I had to go there in a private plane, because I played two concerts in Gothenburg on Saturday evening, and then I had to be in Globen very early in the morning. The only option was a night bus or to drive all night in a car. For me that was not an option, cause that would be equal with no sleep at all.

Luckily I know a pilot - that is also a horn player - and he came to the pilot club airport and picked me up and brought me safely to Stockholm, so I could get some sleep before the big event. Diva style, I know, but hey - I have to take care of my self, and my sleep is SO important.

To make it easy, my husband is the leader of my yoga quartet from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, and we also had our five year old son with us...haha! He was on stage during the sound check, and the whole concert he was on his yoga mat in the front row, together with my friend Karin, that happened to be there. Phew! And he did behave the whole concert, and I was so touched when I saw them at savasana, holding hands and lying down the whole seven minutes to just enjoy the amazing Dvorak.

The technicians was amazing by the way, I just love when people are really good and put their heart into the job they have!

The hall i SO big. Here I am in the middle of the hall. Can you see my son on stage?:)

In this picture that my friend Karin took, I look pretty fearless!:D

I was of course nervous before it we started, but I just decided to do what I have been taught from my teachers - speak naturally and from my heart. So I did. And it worked! After some minutes I was just present, and said whatever came to my mind, jokes, feelings etc. And tried to stay to my plan and also to get a good timing with the music and to keep a good communication with the musicians.

There was a BIG screen on each side of the stage, and it was SO many people in the room. When I did the YOGA CONCERT at the concert house in Gothenburg I thought it was many people in my class, with 90 people, and this time it was maybe 1500. And all of them are instructors or people working at Friskis & Svettis.

Well I had great fun being up on such a big stage again, and it was just pure magic in the end with so many people in savasana enjoying the Dvorak. I was just sitting there during the whole savasana, just soaking up the moment with a big smile. It might be the first time ever a classical string quartet played as the main artist in Globen!

Thank you all for beeing there, thank you to my amazing musicians, Terje, Joel, Daniel and Oscar - and thank you Friskis & Svettis for inviting me!

Yoga Lene


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