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Yesterday's concert

As a collaboration together with my orchestra and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg we did a concert yesterday. Here is my thoughts about it and how I used the yoga.

Just before I left home, I did yoga. First some deep breathing and then a scanning of how I feel in body and mind - to know what I need. I went for boost and energy! Then I took the car. Big mistake. It is almost impossible to drive in Gothenburg in rush hours now a days. They are building some tunnels under the city and two more very central train stations. And it is going to be like this for ten years. Haha! So I was totally stuck in traffic, and I arrived ten minutes before the concert. But I actually realized that getting stressed would just make me waste energy, so I was very calm, breathing deep. That would never happened some years ago. #yogainlife

When I arrived I did my fav pose the Malasana/Deep Squat. This is a very grounding and yet boosting position, and I don't even think people noticed me doing it - since I packed up my horn at the same time!:)

First we played Hindemith Symphony in Bb, who I didn't like so much. Then we played this super cool cello concert (in picture) for cello (no shit!) and ten wind instruments! The soloist Sven Risberg was a true star! The horn part is fun, and everything feels very exposed. At some point it felt like my heart was about to jump out of my body and onto my music stand, but I know that my breathe is my super power, so I just kept breathing deep and then I can follow my plan and it went really well! #breathemusic You get to play really soft and really loud in this piece! This was my fav piece of the concert, and I enjoyed playing it. I also like very much the last piece we played, Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an exibition". After the last tone an old lady said "WONDERFUL!"

So at least we touched one person.

It is always strange to be back at "my school". I finished in 2009, but it always feels like yesterday when I am back, since everything is so familiar. Except the people. I am always thinking "Who are all these strangers at my school" and realize that it is almost ten (!) years since I quit! #gettingold

It is also fun to see how my "yoga life" are more and more mixed into my music life. Like I wrote in the last post, I had yoga with the students on Thuesday, and after the concert someone was thanking me for the yoga, another student asked questions about some exercises, another wanted a video of the #globalyoga sun salutation and a musician booked a personal yoga session. And before the concert some of the students had used my "yoga for musicians"-exercises, just like I did.

It is extremely fun to see how more and more people, in this case musicians, are curious and is starting to get more yoga into their lifes.<3

Yoga Lene


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