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Workshop at the IHS51

A dream just come true and I am happy to (finally!) announce that I will hold at least one YOGA FOR MUSICIANS workshops at the 51st International Horn Symposium in 2019!

Photo: Anna Rosén

I was sitting in a sauna at the Upper House Spa in Gothenburg with my friend, Ingrid, less that two years ago. We were talking about YOGA FOR MUSICIANS, and some weeks before I had my first non official class for five colleagues in Jönköping. Ingrid pushed me to contact the organizer of the Nordic Horn Seminar and just a few months later I had my five first official YFM-classes at the seminar. Ingrid also said that my next plan should be to have a workshops at the International Horn Symposium. I just laughed and it felt like a crazy thought, but I agreed that it could be my 5-year plan. Now I am on the IHS51-programme for this summer, and it feels amazing, and I have to say - just right! So my plan is going fast, but I love it!

I can't wait to be a part of the IHS51 and to go to all the concerts, play and listen to masterclasses, go to lectures and workshops! Be inspired, motivated and to learn more. To be a total horn nerd for six days..! And to meet all the PEOPLE! All the horn players from all over the world, that has at least one thing in common!:D

Who is joining?? If you know me well, we can rent a house together and play duets, trios, quartets all night!! :D

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