Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Want to win a top or sweater, or maybe a bag?

OBS! THIS COMPETITION IS OVER! Stay tuned for more competitions in the future!

I made some clothes for my self to all the big events this autumn, and many people have asked about them and want to buy them. I will put them up on the website for sale later on, but to know approx how much to make, at what sizes, colors etc., it would be great if you emailed me your choice and size. And it is of course not a binding order, I just want to check approx the interest.

Here are so far the options:

This is one of the sweaters I have made, it is just a normal sweater, soft and nice, and normal length.

This apparently inversion proof top I can make in both white and black. When I did a poll on my Instagram most people wanted black, so I might just go with the black next time, unless many of you want the white. So tell me - colour and size!

Here you can see both the black and the white. It is a soft racer back top.

The place where I print everything is Good Print in Partille, and they are a certified environment friendly company.

Here are the bags, they are very strong and comfy to carry!

For my Yoga Quartet I did four of these, that they used at the Yoga Concert in Globen.

It it light grey and a pretty normal fit.

I will take better photos of all the products soon..I know.

Here is my friend Charlotta, with the hoodie in the color faded nude. I have one and she has one. The only two so far, but I am printing more of them, since many people wanted this. I will also do them in a dark grey color.

So please tell me what you might be interested in, and also the sizes!


Please let me know witch item you prefer, color and size, and one of the people that have answered, will win one of the items they wished for! :) You can answer in the comments, email, on my Instagram or Facebook page. Good luck! :)

The competition ends at 7th of December 1200 Swedish time!

Yoga Lene


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