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Royal Opera House

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

I had two workshops with the musicians from the Royal Swedish Orchestra at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm 12th of November.

First we did a yoga lecture "ATTO PRIMO - tonika" when everybody was sitting chairs. I talked about YOGA FOR MUSICIANS and how I use it, and in between we did some exercises. Then we had a break, and then a 90 minutes yoga workshop " ATTO SECONDO - con moto liberamente".

They were all super nice, focused and we had so much fun together! Last week I sent the program we did to all of them, together with some videos of some of the sequences.

I am very thankful that more and more musicians want to try out YOGA FOR MUSICIANS, and I love to travel around and teach and meet people. Both times in Stockholm in November was so busy, so I did not have time to go to any classes, concerts or meet up with anyone, but next time I will try to have more time. See you soon again, Stockholm! :)

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