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On tour - Stockholm

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

We did a tour to Stockholm - being the Air Force Band again!

The ensemble I have been working in this autumn, Gothenburg Wind Orchestra, used to be the Swedish Air Force Band. And now they might be back as that, at least for this concert that we did 11th of November. We played in Stockholm Concert House, for the Swedish Air Force and all their friends.

Very nice hall to play in, and it was also very beautiful! We got such a warm welcome, and had to play three extra numbers! :D

I hope no one noticed that my uniform pants, that I got one hour before the concert, was not the right size at all. They were far away from being closed, and I could barely breathe! Luckily I had a belt and thank you, girl from the Swedish Air Force, for your dark technician tape..! :D

The concert was for sure one long "let go"-exercise for me! I mean it was so tight I had to take it off to put on my shoes..!

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