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I just sent away a new order on more items for my very own BREATHE MUSIC collection!

The competition I just had was over today, and the winner is Anna Maria and a black BREATHE MUSIC top is on it's way to Mosambique!:D Thank you all for participating (mostly in Instagram and dm) and for helping me out with what styles and sizes to order. There will be another competition as soon as the new collection arrives! Then it will also be possible to buy the items from my website, and also directly from me at workshops or in Gothenburg.

It is a VERY limited edition, and I don't have many of each style/size so if you want to pre-order, send me an email, and I will hold one for you!:)

What I ordered was more BLACK TOPS, PINK and DARK GREY HOODIES, the T-SHIRT (for men) in DARK GREY, more BLACK BAGS and a few of the LILAC SWEATER. All comes with white print.

The sweater that many of you were asking for a dark color does not come in dark colors, but I did order one of another style that comes in what seems to be a very nice India Ink Grey color. I will check out how the print works on that and maybe I will print them next time. It seems to be a bit thinner and with 3/4 arms, so it might be more of a summer sweather.

Stay tuned, and keep coming with suggestions and wishes! :)

Yoga Lene


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