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Here in Sweden we celebrate Lucia more than in any other country.

All schools, workplaces, shopping centers, everywhere there is a Lucia-choir singing. I was first in the church were my sons class were singing for old people. My son sung his first ever solo, and it was of course wonderful and we were extremely proud and I will probably remember that moment for ever. Later there was another celebration, at school. Lucia actually walk and sing with her hands in an anjali mudra. And I had to try the reversed one. Two years ago I was not flexible at all around my shoulders, and this pose was impossible for me. I am so happy with my flexible shoulder area now, that gives me less pain an tension and much more air. Today I played Neulings, Bagatelle and it flows so much easier because I have so much more air and power. Love it!! And maybe also because of my new horn. Everyday I notice some kind of thing that yoga have helped for. All from how I react in situations, to hornplaying, strength training etc. Yoga is the shit!

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