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London baby

What happened in London?

I was very lucky to get another scholarship/bursary this year, to go to London and take lessions, go to concerts and get inspired. And I totally did! I was at Paxman Horns trying out new horns, and borrowed a Paxman 20M Gold Brass with me to try out home! I had lessions, I was at London Symphony Orchestra concerts and I also met up with amazing Katy Woolley. She is one of these amazing stars that is also the funniest, coolest and nicest person. I bought a book with Women Composers transcribed for Horn Quartet. Is there a Male Composers book also..?;) Don't think so. Well, can't wait to try it out!

And I had my YOGA FOR MUSICIANS open workshop in London, at the coolest studio/workspace/café - place Benk + Bo. Michael James Wong told me about it when I attended the Pranafestival. It was just like booking a table on a restaurant to rent the studio, so easy! And one of the owners happened to be Norwegian, as me!

It was an honor that actually real people showed up to my workshop on a Friday afternoon in busy London. Next time I think I'll do a workshop on a Monday, it was many more people that wanted to come but had rehearsals or concerts. But it was lovely to meet all the people who was there, and to guide them in my "HAPPY HIPS AND A STRONG MIND - maestoso" workshop. After I did the less prepared lottery ever (sorry about that mess!:D) and it was supernice to hang out and get to know people a little better after. Heroicalife, Nordic Superfood, Benk + Bo and Yoga Lene had many surprises to give out and people seemed very happy!

A dancers pose at Oxford Circus

I also had time to go to a yoga class at Triyoga Soho, and to hang out with several of my friends, and eat a lot of nice asian food. Why come I always eat ONLY asian food every time I am in London?

Well, I am inspired and motivated to practice more and I think I will buy the horn!

Yoga Lene


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