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I bought it!

I have a new horn!!

When I was in London recently I tried out new horns. And I borrowed a Paxman 20M Yellow Brass that I really liked.

After trying it out in symphony orchestra, sinfonietta, wind band, jazz concert, duets with friends and at home of course I decided to buy it!

It is a very good horn that suits me very well. It even makes me last longer. I think my old horn was too big for me. It was the Europa bore, that made my little hand go too far in, to even hold it, and then the intonation was affected and I all the time had to work hard for the intonation, and that made my muscles exhausted of course. So everything feels much better now, even if I loved my old horn also.

Here is my new baby, and I can't wait to get to know it better! :D

Yoga Lene


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