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One-to-one, duo or small group


Do you have a particular problem or issue, want a custom-made program, or do you just not want to do yoga in a group? Do you need coaching on how you can change or build routines in your daily life, that will make you reach your goals? Or maybe you don't even know where to start and just feel stagnation in your life or career?

A personal session is always custom-made for your needs, and you will get my full attention. I can help you to find the root(s) of your problem or issue(s) and give you exercises and routines that will help and get you back on track. 

You will get a customized program for whatever needs you have, and it might include yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, strength training and mental training. I work in a holistic way and I believe in looking at the whole picture and see how the systems works together.  

I will guide you through your program, to make sure that the program fits you and that you are comfortable and feel safe with all the exercises. If we do the session(s) online, you can choose that we record the session, so you can use it again and again.


The personal sessions I have had so far have been with a big range of people and themes: shoulder problems, jaw problems, focus and how to handle nerves before a performance and much more.

My customers get full discretion and I never tell anyone who I have as PT-yoga customers (unless they talk about it themselves) and certainly not what the session was a bout.

I can say that I have had several famous conductors from different countries as customers, and also customers from Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Met Opera, New York Phil, Finnish Radio Orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Stockholm, Gothenburg Opera and from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Military Bands - and many more.

Some people (before Covid) travel from other countries to have a personal session with me, and (after Covid) I can help you to arrange your travel and stay, and we will of course make time for longer sessions, maybe also several days. I can also travel to YOU, but then my travel expenses will be added to the bill.

Since I travel a lot to play anyway, I might be close to you, so please don't hesitate to contact me, even if you live far away.

It is of course wonderful to be able to meet in person, but for most issues it works great with online sessions as well.


1 x 60 MIN     110 euro

3 x 60 MIN     295 euro

5 x 60 MIN     425 euro

If you invest in 3 or 5 sessions it will include a daily reminder and/or a few follow up questions in between our sessions if you want/need. 

20 MIN     30 euro

For shorter/smaller issues or as an introduction only.

I give DISCOUNTS for students and professional freelancers, or if you somehow can't afford it, depending on where you live, your life situation etc. -  contact me to get your discount code. 


Do you want to have a session together with a friend or together as a group? Maybe meet online with some friends that live in different coutries, and share an experience together?

Then you pay for one 60 min session, and add a 20 min session for each extra person. 


Buy a gift card HERE (valid for 3 years) and then email me and we will schedule our first session. 

I am very happy to guide you and help you with all kind of matters, and if you have questions or wonder if this would be the right thing for you, email me and we will see. Or book a 20 min session to have a chat and see how it works out, and we will take it from there!:)


Yoga Lene 

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