Do you have a particular problem or issue, want a custom-made program, or do you just not want to do yoga in a group?

A personal yoga session is always custom-made for your needs, and you will get my full attention and hands-on adjustments during the session. Just like yoga was taught in earlier days. I can help you to find the root of your problem or issue and how to maybe solve it with yoga.

You will get a customized yoga program for whatever needs you have. I will guide you through your program, to make sure that the program fits you and that you are comfortable and feel safe with all the exercises. After the session you will get a pdf with your program. If we do the session online, you can get the recording of the session, so you can use it again and again.


The personal sessions I have had so far have been with a big range of people and themes: shoulder problems, jaw problems, focus and how to handle nerves before a performance and more.


My customers get full discretion and I never tell anyone who I have as PT-yoga customers, unless they talk about it themselves. But I can say that I have had several conductors from different countries as customers, and also customers from string quartets, Finnish Radio Orchestra, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orcestra, Stockholm, Gothenburg Opera, Norwegian, from Swedish and Danish Military Bands and more.

Some people even travel from other countries to have a personal session with me, and then I can help you arrange your travel and stay, and we will of course make time for longer sessions, maybe also several days. Sometimes I also travel to where the client is at the moment, but then my travel expenses will be added to the bill. But since I travel a lot to play anyway, I might be close to you, so please don't hesitate to contact me, even if you live far away.

If you live far away we could also do a session via Zoom.


60 MIN - 950 sek (aprox. 95 euro)

Check HERE for shorter sessions + coachning

I am very happy to guide you and help you with all kind of matters, and in a PT-yoga session I always have full focus on YOU. 


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